Cindy Ross PedersenI’m retiring my Web Goddess title for a new moniker: Strategic Volunteer.

I’ve been working forever, entrepreneurial since 1985, sold my business in 2006 and after orchestrating a very successful merger and exit, I retired at 49. Rather than start another business, I am redirecting my skills, expertise, and contacts towards making a difference in the productive years I have left.

My goals are two-fold:

  • Find meaningful ways to volunteer my time and skills, and use these as examples of high impact volunteerism.
  • Develop volunteer roles and models that work for Boomers and benefit non-profits – to fill the gap between “stuffing envelopes” and “sitting on boards” to leverage the skills, connections and expertise of the Boomer generation.


If you are a non-profit organization

I will take on or participate in strategic projects. These address big issues or opportunities and are critical to your success. I will bring all my corporate skills and connections to your organization and work with your teams and partners to deliver measurable results. Services are volunteered.

If you are a for-profit corporation or organization

I will help you strategically frame and operationalize your corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects or portfolio. The work covers developing or refining a strategic framework that aligns your CSR activities with your business mandate, finding and positioning partners and projects to activate your plans, and establishing metrics that measure and report on your impact. Service fees are redirected to charities.

Are you ready for a Strategic Volunteer?

Contact me at imcindyrp [at] For more background download My Profle.

  1. Adam Kruszynski said:

    Hi Cindy

    I’m just saying hello. Arleigh mentioned your blog and I’ve done a lot of charity work (e.g. Big Brothers / Sisters) so I though I would see what you’re up to.

    Looks like you’re enjoying life and giving back. That’s great.


  2. Love it Cindy! You don’t have to drop ‘goddess.” We can call you strategic volunteer goddess!

  3. Danica Lavoie said:

    What a great idea, Cindy, but then again, you always have been on the cutting edge!

  4. Aysha said:

    Hi Cindy,
    Hope you’re doing well. I am posting the link to the Akshaya Trust organization in India which I had briefly mentioned to you during the Backpack to Briefcase event at UTM last weekend. According to what I’ve read, there may be only a few volunteering positions available currently, but in 2012 after their expansion, a lot more opportunities should be opening up.


  5. Jeannie Lam said:

    You have no idea how inspiring you are! Thank you for sharing your volunteer inspirations and you have developed a following 🙂

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