Be generous – be a connector

I’ve always been a connector. Want a good restaurant, call Cindy. Want to hire a designer, call Cindy. Want a solid straightforward opinion, call Cindy.

There are certainly limits to what and who I know, but the circles seem to be getting smaller. I recently meet a perfect stranger and discovered that we had 4 completely different areas of connection. This is an illustration of how small the world really is.

I use my connections to help folks find jobs, understand industries, get things done and find opportunities for volunteering. In the last few years as I scout my city and the world for interesting things to do or experience, I’ve turned into a bit of a cool-finder. In doing this I’ve definitely skewed young, as anyone will notice from my Facebook friends.

But what’s been really interesting lately is that I am now starting to circle back to my cohort as they seek to expand their worlds and I’m a sure a few of them want to learn my secrets for staying young. It’s my next phase being able to connect folks with means with folks with ideas and passion, to pair people with experience with people with a new perspective and in so doing, add value to both sides.

I don’t know why some folks are considered connectors and others aren’t. Everyone has a network and although you won’t have a relevant contact all the time, it truly is a great gift to share one that is relevant at the right time with the right person.


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