Observations of Brazil

Brazil, the B in BRIC along with Russia, India and China, is the focus of so much speculation on growth. But even with just a taste of it you see the opportunities and barriers.

Opportunities include natural resources: sand, sea, minerals, forests and more. There is a labour force that is generally hard working, good natured, and fast in some centers. Barriers are corruption, engrained ways that are difficult to change and a peaceful people who until recently might have grumbled but lived with the state of things. Infrastructure from roads to housing to public transportation is weak.

But perhaps one of the most challenging barriers is education. Public schools are poorly though of, so the rich go to private schools. Public university requires entrance exams that a select few from public schools pass as most students are I’ll prepared. Mostly those that get in are products of a private education.

Education for all the reasons that research has pointed out not only provides skills but critical thinking, broad awareness and ignites passion and potential.

I am half way through the trip but if the rest is anything like these past few days there is much work to do to make Brazil the best she can be. It may have to be the newer perspective of the millennial generation to affect serious change and bring Brazil into a modern age of prosperity.



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