Moving donations

boxI am moving. So are many of my friends. In fact, I am downsizing from a house to apartment style living. This means a lot of changes including the shedding of a lifetime of collections. Furniture, clothing, decorative items, gardening tools, linens, and lots of former treasures have to go. I have no space for them.

So this move has been an exploration on how to get rid of stuff. Some has gone to friends and family; things they need or find useful. A few valuable items have gone to a consignment shop or online to Kijiji and I may or may not get a few dollars for them. Some has just gone to the street and disappeared from there.

But what has been more interesting has been the many ways of donating these items, giving them a value as a donation. I did take some interesting treasures and donated them to an art exhibit. They became art. Books, of which I have hundreds, have gone to the local library to be used to raise funds. Some gardening tools and plants went to a teacher who runs a garden club for kids. He also took some old art supplies I’ve had for years.

Linens, especially towels and blankets have gone to the humane society to make a few animals more comfortable. Clothing to causes that put immigrants into the workplace. And furniture to an organization that sets up individuals and families in need with furnished homes.

We all have stuff to get rid of at one point in our lives and there are many ways to do this. But it feels good to take a little extra time and research to find a valued home for things you once treasured.

If you are in the Toronto area here are some sources.


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