Hosting my 2nd salon: Managing the Volunteer Lifecycle

People power at non-profits

Following up a successful session on non-profit boards, I am gearing up for the next salon in series focusing on the full range of volunteers.

Volunteers are said to be the heart and soul of non-profits but many organizations struggle to attract and retain these valuable resources. With so many causes competing for attention and new expectations of volunteers, especially within the Boomer and Millennium segments, non-profits need to re-examine their relationship with their volunteers.

Among the questions we’ll consider in this conversation

  • What roles and models can be followed to leverage volunteers within the organization?
  • How to balance the needs of volunteers to the needs of the organization?
  • How is today’s volunteer different? What’s the impact of generational differences within the volunteer base? Has corporate volunteering changed?
  • How to manage the volunteer lifecycle: how to get them, keep them and turn them into advocates?

It should be an amazing session and I’ll be sharing some of the learnings right here.

If you’re in Toronto on the evening of Thursday January 17, 2013 and are interested in joining the salon, let me know imcindyrp [at] Seats very limited.


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