It’s who you know

Just as in the business world, it seems that the best volunteer roles come from who you know. That’s not surprising. It’s the reach of individual networks that have amassed teams of working volunteers, valued board members, major donors and sponsors.

My quest has been to find high impact volunteer roles; to leverage the talents of Boomers to the benefit of non profit organizations in more ways than board membership.

What I have witnessed lately is an exodus from the corporate world to the non profit sector and that is bringing a new set of expectations and opportunities into non profit organizations. This exodus is comprised of mostly women but of all ages. They have an affinity for a cause or the sector and after years in a corporate role that was only partially fulfilling, they now want to break into the other side.

Conversations with folks that have managed to break into this nonprofit world is consistent. Tremendous fulfillment at doing good work and seeing the positive impact of this work. The frustration is the lack of business basics that would make the non profit so much more effective and their work so much easier. It’s not evil to have a solid process. Marketing and promotion are not bad words.

So my hope for high impact volunteerism partially rests with those corporate pals, ex teammates, that have made the jump to the other side, know what has to be done and will pave the way to make it happen from the inside. They understand the value proposition of a skilled and experienced Boomer. You go girls!


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