A passionate life

I had a cluster of speaking opportunities and mentoring sessions this week and there seemed to be a common thread.

Many folks were looking for a change. While their current careers had been good to them, the spark was gone. They were living by rote and needed to reinvent themselves, to refocus their careers and their energies.

Another group of folks were just graduating university and were now looking to launch their new lives with gusto. They had been heads down for the past few years, focused on their studies and following a defined path. Suddenly they graduate and the path is theirs to define but there were lots of questions about how to do that.

The common thread between these two groups was the quest for a life of passion – where they looked forward to their day, knew that it would reward them with challenge and a sense of accomplishment.

Cindy, how do you manage to have such a passionate life?

They were drawn to the sessions, looking to be inspired by what others had done. And in replaying my life story, I can not help but be motivational. It’s been an interesting journey so far, filled with great opportunities and adventures. It’s not that I don’t have my struggles and some days are very dark, but the combination of a lot of persistence and a bit of faith eventually leads to the next exciting opportunity.

To answer the question I would say: make the opportunities happen, recognize them when they appear, and fearlessly explore, saying “yes” more often that “no.”

I’m an amateur cultural anthropologist with an endless curiosity. I’m on a quest to make a difference in the lives of others but along the way I’m looking for experiences that will enrich my journey. Suggestions welcome.


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