Today I was inspired

I’ve been keeping busy with my volunteer work and will add a post for that, but today I can truly say I was inspired and my commitment to meaningful volunteerism was reignited.

I was asked to sit in on a special presentation supporting University of Toronto’s Boundless campaign. It’s a campaign that puts the stories of UofT’s great faculty, students and alumni forward to showcase their contributions and make the case that they are worthy of your support.

With the launch of Boundless: The Campaign for the University of Toronto, we are celebrating this tradition of leadership, community and generosity.

Instead of an executive recounting facts and figures, we were treated to 4 of the many scholars and educators at UofT that are making a difference in the field of public health. Representing a cross section of study areas and expertise, their perspective ran from innovative business models, to frugal medical equipment in Africa, to working in our far north, and integrating student health right into UofT itself.

Many of the stories were inspiring, the photo’s either breathtaking or tragic. To see their minds in action as they passionately shared their work was a privilege.

It inspired me to think about the great partnerships of philanthropy and innovation that happen when a person passionate about their vision meets a person who is equally passionate and commits to make it happen.

So can we take the concepts of eco-tourism or volun-tourism, and create experiential journeys for potential partners (donors) where they can be a part of innovation when and where it happens? Exclusive opportunities to see the needs, travel with the experts, be a part of the conversation and invited to make their own contribution.

Talk about Boundless Opportunity!


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