Call yourself a Strategic Volunteer

I’ve started a movement. At first I thought it was plagiarism but in this social media-fueled world, the right thing to do is send out an idea and let people carry it forward. Little did I know that it was my title of “Strategic Volunteer” that would be the moniker for the movement.

What I wanted was for non-profits to reconsider their volunteer models to make best use of Boomer talents. What I have instead is volunteers of all ages adopting my title, calling themselves Strategic Volunteers, and so both identifying those types opportunities and showing what this new breed of volunteerism can do.

So whether you’re a retired executive volunteering CEO level consulting, or a career shifting Gen X-er volunteering corporate marketing experience to green causes, or anywhere in between, adopt the title and show the non-profit world the value of a Strategic Volunteer.

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  1. Jeannie Lam said:

    You have definitely started a movement…I have received a few comments of admiration and outright jealousy how I am part of this movement and they are thinking of how to incorporate it into their lives because they all want to find transition!

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