Old marketers needed

There are a few professions where elders rule and there are other fields where anyone over 40 is set adrift. Marketing seems like one of those areas that loves their young but which leads me to wonder where the veterans are. This field is large and it attracts a huge number of people so where do they go when their best-by-date has long expired?

While a few hold on to agency life, probably because they own the agency, and few more manage to maintain their corporate office working client side, the rest seem to disappear. And yet I’ve found an endless need for their experience, creativity and skills in the non profit and volunteer world.

Needed: Good basic marketing for causes, done well and provided by a reliable, talented veteran.

This is a world that relies on communication and generally does it rather poorly. Yes, there are the big brands with big budgets to hire outstanding marketing talent but there are thousands of smaller organizations, projects and movements all needing a solid brand positioning, a messaging hierarchy and some creative expression, let alone a media plan to amplify the message.

So if there are any old marketers out there that are feeling a little unappreciated, please contact me. You are needed desperately.


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