A follow up on mentoring

We’ve made it to step 1 in our committee efforts to raise awareness of the many opportunities to mentor students at the University of Toronto.

Whether you are an alumnus or not, I invite you to visit our mentor page and review the programs that we’ve found so far. You’ll find programs organized by college, faculty and a general category. This is just the first step as we continue to uncover the many opportunities to provide a valuable contribution.


You can be a mentor at any age
There is a great contribution to be made regardless if you just graduated or graduation seems a lifetime ago. Students need help making career decisions, understanding the transition from school to the workplace, deeper insights into industries and roles, they need contacts, and most importantly a good two-way conversation. Some of them may be thinking of starting their own business – for profit or maybe socially oriented. So there are lots of roles to fill and perspectives needed.

You can mentor anywhere
Just because you’re not in Toronto, doesn’t mean you can’t mentor a student. Students come from everywhere to study at UofT and many students are quite used to communications through internet tools. I’ve had many a mentoring session with teams of students via Skype even when we’re in the same town! So don’t let distance get in your way of adding value.

More opps
While you’re on the website, take a look at the other opportunities to volunteer: hosting dinners, community service and participating in regional events.


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