One skilled strategic volunteer available for free

I “retired” June 1, 2008 a little early by most folks standards but then I’ve never been one to follow the rule book. After a year as the Entrepreneur in Residence at Laurier University and with time to travel, reconnect with friend and explore concepts I found my new direction and started blogging about it in the fall of 2009.

Realigned and rewriting the rules for volunteerism

I am now fully “realigned” in my new life, balancing my role as a Strategic Volunteer and adding that work-life balance with an equal amount of time devoted to fun. It takes a lot of work to do this.

To stay fully engaged as a strategic volunteer demands constant focus on my next opportunity while I fully relish the work on my plate. Being a strategic volunteer, a role that people intuitively understand but which doesn’t really exist, means I am once again rewriting the rules and forging new ground.

My purpose is clear – find meaningful ways to use my time and skills as a social investment and to set a path so that my cohort, retiring boomers, will have an easier time doing the same.

In 2010 I achieved some great milestones but I could have done so much more:

  • I helped a great foundation win its just reward, acknowledgement as the Outstanding Foundation of the Year
  • I helped set a strategic framework for both a small non profit and the alumni organization within my university
  • I completed a marketing study and target profiles to help a major non profit reach boomer volunteers
  • I continued to mentor students and budding entrepreneurs
  • I helped in small ways by stuffing envelopes, working the soup kitchen, and setting up an art show
  • And I used my blog to bring attention to great organizations and ideas

One skilled, focused strategic volunteer available for free

2011 has just begun and I am crystal clear on what I want to do – maximize my social investment by working with non-profits that can leverage my skills to boost their performance AND expand volunteerism models to provide opportunities for others like me that can do way more than stuff envelopes.

Let’s talk about what I can do for you – imcindyrp [at]


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