A volunteer’s holiday

Why just lie on the beach when you can have a life altering experience?

Travel volunteerism is becoming hotter as travel companies align with local causes and charities around the world are framing projects to allow for volunteers to use vacation time for a great cultural experience that gives back. And the shocker is that many of these are actually a cheaper holiday than you would normally take.

So here’s an example: why not build a school in Nicaragua with SchoolBOX?

SchoolBOX build 2008

This program is for individuals with limited time who want to make a difference with SchoolBOX in Central America.

It’s a 10 day volunteer group experience in Nicaragua. Volunteers form part of a team building a school or library for a local community, and will work alongside SchoolBOX staff, teachers, parents, and children. In 10 days you will have helped to fund, and complete a construction project greatly improving the education facilities for the local children.

SchoolBOX plans a unique itinerary organizing all transport, accommodation, food and in-country supervision and orientation. An itinerary typically would include the volunteer work, visits to other Partner Schools, introduction to Nicaraguan history and culture, and 2-3 optional activities.

For more info see http://www.schoolbox.ca/volunteers.htm

Other programs:

If you’re not ready to spend months abroad, spend your holiday helping out. You’ll probably come back more rejuvenated than you’ve been in years.


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