2010’s Outstanding Foundation

I’m proud of these folks. They are smart, focused on their cause and for nearly 30 years have helped make Toronto a better place to live and work.

I am speaking of the Toronto Community Foundation and they are this year’s Outstanding Foundation, as honored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

The AFP Greater Toronto Chapter Philanthropy Awards are a celebration of the outstanding contribution of time, leadership and financial support made by organizations and individuals, who have set excellence benchmarks in encouraging the spirit of giving.

This is an acknowledgment of the work of the Foundation not only in fundraising but in making philanthropy effective through informed and focused choices.

Community vitality has been our purpose, promise, and passion since 1981, when we started connecting donors to community needs and opportunities. Home to hundreds of endowment funds, we help people invest in Toronto, making it the best place to live, work, learn and grow. We monitor the quality of life in our city, identifying its strengths and weaknesses through our Toronto’s Vital SignsR Report. We provide the leadership and guidance to bring people together from all parts of our community. We exist for Toronto – for now and for always.

Congratulations to a team I am proud to support as a Strategic Volunteer.

  1. magdelane brizzard said:

    Revelations and Reviews. These articles should be published to reach a larger audience. There is concise important material that should be shared by all Torontonians. Think about this. I compliment you.

    • cindyrp said:

      Thank you for the feedback. I am currently in Vietnam and will bring an even wider perspective back to this blog. Stay tuned.

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