Reaching the UN’s Millennium Goals by 2015

10 years in, 5 to go. Chances are, you aren’t familiar with these goals and yet in 2000 189 of the world leaders identified the top 8 areas of need that they collectively and individually would support.

And like most politically charged initiatives the agreement was applauded and then to some degree forgotten.

But in the non-profit arena these goals are front and centre especially for those with a global focus.

It was the refocus on these goals, celebrating their 10th year anniversary, that was the subject of the latest TedxChange.

50 people were assembled by the TedxChange Toronto group and gathered in the Centre for Social Innovation to hear inspiring local speakers share their points of view.

Then we all participated in a global webcast co-sponsored by TED and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation where Melinda Gates, Graça Machel, Hans Rosling, and Mechai Viravaidya reinforced the importance of the goals and gave their perspective on results to date and their hopes for the future.

Strong themes

  • Dig deep in the data to see the issues and successes, the aggregate numbers may not tell the whole story
  • Africa is not one but countries with a great range of issues and successes
  • Empower women and girls through health and education and your economy will prosper
  • You need to have clarity and commitment, you need a plan in order to succeed
  • Coke has it figured out: know your data, leverage local talent, and do great marketing that inspires

Any of this interest you?

Read about the Millennium Goals. See the The Future We Make webcast online.

And stay tuned for the 2nd annual TEDxToronto convention which will include a webcast of 12 TEDxTalks on the theme of “A Call to Action.” Live on Sept 30 at the CBC’s Glenn Gould theatre and available online or webcast at various locations around the city. Check the site for details.

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  1. Lacy said:

    This is a great resource. I think it’s sometimes difficult for people to think on global scale, and these goals are helpful in bringing a concreteness to the many areas of needed growth. I wasn’t aware of this list before, so thank you very much for sharing.

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