Calling all UofT alumni to dinner

Another successful Dinner with 12 Strangers! More like 20-30 in my case as I like to turn dinners into parties.

The weather cooperated for our BBQ and the food, a combination of mine and contributions from the guests, made for a scrumptous buffet. I think these events really draw in the foodies.

But this program is really about the conversations and connections. These students are amazing. They are just starting their journeys and are filled with promise and FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) at the same time. While some of them are clearly confident, others just need a bit of encouragement as they get ready to really make a contribution to the world.

As an alumni, it’s one of the great things you can do – spend an evening over dinner with a great bunch of students. Their energy is palpable. I’m not sure the greater gift isn’t the recharge they give to you.

See previous post for details


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