TED’s in town

TED devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading

TED – it’s a powerful concept and may know if you’ve been informed or enlightened by one the great talks available on their website www.ted.com. TED addresses all types of topics, gathering experts to share ideas and inspire conversation.

So when I learned that the topic of the UN Millennium Development Goals and “The Future We Make” I was doubly delighted to see it come to my city in the form of TEDx and TEDxChange.

A small gathering will take place September 20, 2010 mainly for the community within the Centre for Social Innovation.

TEDxChange is a special live webcast at the Centre for Social Innovation presented by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, focused on the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Focused on the theme “The Future We Make,” the webcast will be hosted by TED curator Chris Anderson. Hosted in Toronto at the Centre for Social Innovation, CSI will also host several live speakers both before and after the webcast. For more information on the webcast, visit http://www.ted.com/pages/view/id/446

The bigger gathering is on September 30, 2010.

TEDxToronto (TEDxTO) was established by an enthusiastic group of volunteers based in Toronto who are passionate about TED and generating “Ideas Worth Spreading”. This year’s theme is “A Call to Action”. After all, an idea without any action behind it merely stays as an idea. This theme is a challenge to both speakers and attendees to transform their ideas into tangible action that will make a positive difference in their communities. See http://www.tedxtoronto.com/event/.

TEDx everywhere

Beyond September there are many events affiliated with TED all year long and in communities all over the world. So if you want to go beyond the passive, get engaged in a TEDx event in your neighbourhood and rise to the “Call to Action.”


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