How smart is Habitat for Humanity? Very smart!

Great concept, monetized and expandable.

“The mission: To mobilize volunteers and community partners in building affordable housing and promoting home ownership as a means to breaking the cycle of poverty.”

Want a company outing for team building and to give back – it’ll cost you. It should – as organizing your group takes time and effort. Expandable as they’ve gone vertical with their ReStores where they sell quality new and gently used donated building materials. I’ve had many a friend who donated their old kitchens through the ReStore – it was easy and Habitat did it all.

Now they’re recognizing the mass capabilities of retirees and “soon to be reitrees” through their ReTooling Build program.

ReTooling for Soon-to-be Retirees

Look at the positioning: “The ReTooling Build aims to inspire healthy, active retirees in volunteerism and philanthropy to make Toronto a better place to live for all.” Then see how they artfully phrase it for the target audience.

The Habitat for Humanity Toronto ReTooling Build is a perfect opportunity for you to make volunteerism a part of this exciting new phase of your life. Designed for retirees and soon-to-be retirees, the ReTooling Build is a way for you to make a tangible difference in a family’s life – and also to meet new friends, learn new skills and and have a great time working hard for a good cause.

Rather than think that this group is just waiting for a spot in a nursing home, they understand the untapped potential and are making it a win-win. How do I know this…they paid a visit to my little lawn bowling club.

Kudos to Habitat for Humanity!

Best use of the web

A further pat on the back for making the best of the online medium. Seamless integration, appropriate content and use of each platform, robust actionable information and story telling in each site. Here are just a few examples of what the Canadian and Toronto chapters are doing – explore for yourself.

The program:

The main site for Toronto: (see the volunteer section)

The community:

More social media:





  1. magdelane brizzard said:

    Yes, I agree with the concept,keeping seniors busy. But, they are building a ghetto right in the middle of a decent neighborhood. Once Habitat builds and fills the houses with low to no income clients they leave and there’s no supervision or legislation governing these properties and they slowly recede bringing neighborhood values down and crime in.
    Suggest they create a community instead of destroying existing ones.

    • cindyrp said:

      Just a quick clarification soon-to-be-retirees/retirees are not necessarily seniors. But then it depends on your definition of “seniors”.

      And they’re not just keeping “seniors busy.” Retirees are looking for meaningful ways to give back. They’ve got lots of choices but few organizations speak to them.

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