Boomers: work life balance awaits

I was enjoying patio weather with a pal this week when she told me of an opportunity in her native Newfoundland. There was an opening for a marketing strategist at an advertising agency in St. John’s. This firm has about 50 people. That’s a good size firm and they promise a lifestyle you’d expect from this great province.

“There’s something to be said about a place where the sun rises first in North America. Inspiration comes in many forms and can be found around every corner.”

Now I’ve just returned from a holiday in Newfoundland, starting and ending in St. John’s. It was an amazing trip and I totally understand why folks that come from there hold it so dear and why so many folks are looking to buy property and move there in retirement (perhaps for summers only but I understand Toronto winters are actually colder than those on this island).

So I marry up this precious province with its great culture embracing nature, people, food and music and an opportunity to do great work at a good sized agency and I’ve got a marvelous opportunity for a burnt out, big city boomer.

Now all I need is for both parties to understand their opportunities.


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