Transitioning from workaholic to 1,000 hour volunteer


I guess this blog is about 2 things. First, working as a volunteer for non-profits. Second, it is a journal of the transition I have made from a workaholic entrepreneur to a life-balanced strategic volunteer. Both these areas seem to be of interest to folks depending on where they are in life.

I can see the day where I take my public speaking or coaching skills and help other boomers make the transition from a lifetime of a defined career(s) to the more self-defined career/life mix that is retirement.

“The most important thing anyone can think about when retiring is how important it is to have a reason to get up every day and be excited” Prof. Robertson, Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario

I get it

I now have a firm understanding of what I want the next 10 years to look like and it is the definition of work/life balance. It incorporates what some are now calling the 1,000 hour work year along with a good chunk of fun and the need to watch my health, funds and the rest.

1,000 hours of strategic volunteering + 1,000 hours of fun = energetic, meaningful life

Redefining volunteerism

This blog is tracking the journey of my 1,000 hour work year – focused on volunteering. As an entrepreneur I am creating something new and as a boomer I am not restricting my thinking to traditional views of volunteerism. I’m creating a new category – high impact volunteering – where 1,000 hours of skills from my previous work life can be repurposed in the non-profit world.


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