The New Venture Capitalist

The new vocabulary: social entpreneurship, social enterprise, social capital, social ventures. Take away “social” and you have some very familiar words for this entrepreneur. It won’t be long before I meet my first serial social entrepreneur I’m sure.

The meaning is traditional, the focus is not. We’re seeing a pairing of words and worlds that is new. This is a new taxonomy refreshing tired old titles and shedding the baggage associated with words like non-profit, fundraising, grants and such.

Just yesterday I was talking with a foundation as we explored whether they were in for early stage start up capital or strictly second stage, once the concept had a proven track record.

It’s also bringing the energy, enthusiasm and sex appeal of startups, investing in new ideas and bright, passionate entrepreneurs. But whether it’s a non-profit or for-profit enterprise, its mandate involves societal betterment.


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