Donations can be yummy

It’s interesting that two of my passions, social investing and great eating often go together.  There are many celebrity dinners held every year with proceeds going to good causes. Generally the ticket is $100-$300.

But yesterday I came across a $6 gem as I was introduced to the Trinity Square Cafe in the Church of the Holy Trinity behind the Eaton’s Centre here in Toronto. The kitchen produces some of the best soups in town and yesterday’s feature was a yummy home made mac & cheese which I paired with a fantastic Moroccan tomato soup.

The Church has teamed up with a George Brown College (known for culinary studies) program called Redirection through Education which helps folks with mental illness develop or rebuild skills in a working environment. The result is a humble kitchen, putting good folks to work to produce a great lunch.

Here’s a great post on the program and the details on the cafe.

So next time you’re in the area of Bay and Dundas (Toronto) around lunch time, join the great mix of folks from suits to street clothes that enjoy a hearty, delicious meal at the Trinity Square Cafe!

  1. cindyrp said:

    And here’s another one, also in Toronto.
    River Restaurant (
    413 Roncesvalles Ave. Toronto ON M6R 2N1

    River isn’t the basic kitchen that the Trinity Cafe is. River is a full out French restaurant with lots of good reviews from all the big players. The other “good” aspect is that it’s a part of the “all a board” youth oriented non-profit.

    “Started in 1997, all•a•board youth ventures inc. is a private, non-profit charitable organization that creates small businesses to employ youth in a year-on-the-job training experience. To date, we have an astonishing success rate of 85%, which means 85% of the youth that have entered our program either found full-time employment, returned to school or transferred to other youth programs.” See

  2. cindyrp said:

    And here’s another: Out of This World Cafe
    (I had a chance recently to sample some yummy sandwiches and wraps at a catered event.)

    “Out of this World Café is more than a food provider. We are an “Alternative Business” operated by the Ontario Council of Alternative Businesses.
    Alternative Businesses feature high quality products and service, emphasize community building and provide employment opportunities for the psychiatric consumer/ survivor community.

    In short, besides providing our customers with great food at great prices, Out of this World Café builds our community by creating jobs.”

    Another in this family of alternative businesses include The Raging Spoon Catering Company.

    “The Spoon, as it is fondly known, is located at 761 Queen Street West, in a former church that now houses a variety of non-profit and social service organizations…The catering arm of the Spoon delivers throughout the central Toronto area, offering a variety of appetizers, hot and cold entrees and desserts. Visit

    Try them both!

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