Micro-volunteering for the time starved

Here’s a small post for a micro concept. It’s micro-blogging + crowd sourcing + doing good all in one.

The Extraordinaries allows people to complete micro-tasks for organizations, causes or people they’re passionate about, using a iPhone or web browser, in a few minutes of spare time. For organizations, The Extraordinaries is a powerful way to strengthen relationships while leveraging their “crowds” to complete real work such as photo collection, translation and research.

Take a look at the concept brought to you by a bunch of smart young folks in San Francisco, well funded and supported by those who know how to launch dotcoms.

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  1. cindyrp said:

    Who was to know this was going to be a hot topic? After a mention on TVO’s website it was followed up with a feature in today’s Globe and Mail on micro-volunteering.

    In addition to mentioning The Extraordinaries, the article featured a Canadian site urbanistic.com out in Vancouver. “Urbantastic is where you can make your city a more friendly, more lively, more benevolent place through micro-volunteering.”

    Acknowledged in the article by the President of Volunteer Canada is that this may be a new model for volunteerism. I couldn’t agree more. I opens the door to contributions by more people with a broad range of skills, especially professional skills, in a timely way and comes with built in networking.

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