Good inside and out

It has come to my attention that some non-profits are sweat shops. I’m not naïve so I figured there would be great variability once you peeked inside a few charitable organizations. While I can rationalize, although not condone, the pressure cooker environments of the profit driven corporate world, I find it contradictory to see charitable organizations that treat their own people poorly while focusing on doing good for those outside of their organization.

I can understand the pressure of too much need and too few resources. I can understand the cumulative stress of dealing with human tragedy. I even believe that politics is part of human nature. But I would expect that those who chose a career in the social arena would want work environments that are similarly supportive.

I’m looking to give back in a meaningful way to organizations that can and are making a positive difference to our world. I’m looking to put criteria around my choices and one I didn’t expect to have to add was that the organization treat their people well. Now this doesn’t have to be big salaries, it won’t be, or donuts on Friday but it should be a level of responsibility of management to team, and among team members to nurture each other.

I know there are many wonderful non-profit organizations out there and I am constantly uplifted by the great folks that work in these places. So as I seek to give back, and to establish metrics that guide my social investing, I’m going to peek inside and see how polluting the internal machine is.


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