Social networking and volunteering go hand in hand

Big discovery day yesterday as people gave me many links that illustrated the power of social networks within the context of social service and giving back.

I’ve only scratched the surface and so I’m sure there are many out there and many more to come. I’d bet there will be some aggregators or consolidation among these sites as the best technologies surface. Still this social service field is filled with millions of organizations each with their own focus or spin, many overlapping and yet all coexisting with a united push to do good. The problem is the individual volunteer who must filter through this mass to find the one or few organizations they wish to support. That’s another post.

In the mean time take a look at how Aviva (the insurance company) is using the power of the people to spend their CSR funds at Look at  to see, “The social network for the socially conscious” and, “the social network for do-gooders.” Interesting that these last 2 are sponsored by media, specifically TV and radio.


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