Just send your money to….

Magic money

A theme seems to be appearing as I do my research. It’s a common theme among causes and would be entrepreneurs. That somewhere there is a magic person or organization that will just give them money to do what they want to do.

In my experience it’s not the best plan to count on such magic, an angel investor or source of funds that will surface, hear your idea and grab onto it with such passion that the checkbook is out before you’ve uttered your last sentence. It could happen but I’d hedge my bets with hard work, creative thinking and a pragmatic approach.

What’s in it for them?

Money is always hard to find and collect in larger quantities so you need to get creative. And I’d say you need to ask, “what’s in it for them.” Like any business looking for sales, how marketable is your offering? Who wants it, how do they want it, how much will they pay for it and do they pay for it directly or bundled in some way that has a greater perceived value?

Create a value prop

The direct link from request to the check may not exist. So how can you package, partner, or bundle to create a value proposition that works? What other assets do you have, either hard assets or people power, that can be converted into a marketable exchange?

This is the kind of analysis active businesses are based on.

  • It takes some self exploration.
  • It requires deep understanding of your target market.
  • It requires some creative partnering and packaging.
  • It takes time to communicate and build awareness.
  • It takes commitment to build the relationship that will be mutually fulfilling.

It’s a complex and creative approach but will probably be more fruitful than asking someone to just send their money to…


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